Fall Is In The Air

Over the last couple of days we’ve been able to welcome cooler temperatures here in Central Texas and it’s such a nice reprieve from the hot summer days. I’ve added a few new projects to my daily routine since I last posted.

But first up, Charles’ health is so much better than it was in July. He still lacks the full energy that he used to have and gets tired after one day of working around the house or fixing up an old ’68 Mustang for a friend of his. So the routing seems to be one day of work, next day rest. But overall he’s feeling good which is perfect. We return to his doctor in a few weeks for a follow up.

In May, I started a little side hobby as a Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant. It’s never going to be my goal for this to take over as my full time job, but it’s bringing in a few hundred extra dollars and that’s never bad. I pay closer attention to my nails and the nails of others that I come in contact with for sure. I also have a chance to interact with people I may not have interacted with much before and chat about all kinds of silly topics like nail art. It’s fun. I’d love it if you checked out and LIKED my Facebook page – http://facebook.com/girlsgirlnails

We started a little garden about a month ago as well. Well, Charles tilled up a couple of rows in our backyard and I planted some plants I’ve never tried, but thought I’d enjoy. Right now we’ve picked tomatoes and I’ve baked some yummy kale chips and I’m looking forward to seeing the Brussels sprouts and broccoli start to form. The plants are huge, so we must be doing something right.

We spent Halloween evening with the kids and grand kids in Ft. Hood. Emma was Elsa along with a million other little girls and Cory was the cutest Olaf. And next Halloween there will be one more little boy to tag along – grand baby number 3 is due in March.

So what has you enjoying this shift of seasons?

Author: kimhollenshead

Recruiter for The Talent Sleuth

One thought on “Fall Is In The Air”

  1. Good to read your update. You obviously have a green thumb. I tried so many times to grow veggies and would get a few things here and there but nothing worth all the gardening. Miss you.

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