And Then There Are Days Like This

Never Lose HopeThere are people that think I share absolutely every detail of my life on social media and while I do share a bunch, I really do not share it all.

Obviously, there is the very mundane, everyday occurrences that are withheld, such as what I had for lunch aka every non-Twitter person’s joke for why they don’t Tweet. Then there’s the chronological rundown of every millisecond of my daily life. Believe me that would only rate a yawn. I don’t post about every silly thing my dogs do and you’ll rarely catch my frustrations.

I like the pieces of my life that I do share publicly to be more positive in nature – or at least 90% of the time. Mind you there is the other 10% where I spout about my traffic angst or my exhaustion with life in general, but I consciously try to keep the whining to a minimum.

And then there are days like my last few.

For those of you who know and adore my husband then you already know he’s not a public facing soul. Not that he isn’t at all. The fact of the matter is that he actually has a rather vast following on a very private forum. His friends loved living vicariously through his online persona. He was online for years before Facebook or Twitter were ever invented.

But, even without his prompting, I rarely post about him on social media channels. In fact I rarely share about our lives. Our life is more less private.

The last few days I have been deeply focused all of my efforts on my husband’s well being. It has my mind reeling with a mile long need-to-get done list. I’ve called and spoken and private messaged more unique friends than I have in quite some time. I’m learning, as I suspect one does when a loved one is ill, who the solid friends really are and at what lengths they would go to support you.

Coming back home after an excruciatingly long and emotionally draining, but productive work week in California only to find my husband hospitalized, I’ve had to instantaneously switch gears and go into 100% caretaker, translator mode. It has been challenging to say the least.

So thank you so much for the Facebook likes, comments, messages, the texts, emails and phone calls. It appears my little social media world is just as invaluable as I always expected to be.

Thank you everyone – you mean the world to me – I am blessed.

Author: kimhollenshead

Recruiter for The Talent Sleuth

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