Declaring 2014 the Year of Better

2014 Better

Over the last week I’ve watched online as friends and family proclaimed what their resolutions would be for the year 2014. Several people started by declaring words or phrases that would be important to them in the new year and I liked that much better than saying I’d do this, that or the other. But what would my word / words or phrases be?

I’ve decided on these:

1. Better – I want to better myself in multiple areas including:

Be a better wife and helpmate to my husband.
Be a better employee.
Be a better friend.

2. Focused – I want to determine what’s are the most important things in my life and really put a laser like focus on them

To do this I will have to add the third and final word to my new year which is:

3. Purge – I want to rid my life of all things that are unnecessary and in the way

I’m also wanting to blog more and I suspect those posts will center around these three areas during the coming months.

Excited to get this New Year started.