Christmas Comes Early

And my Santa is a wiry little man with round, tiny glasses named Dr. Jack Seaquist.

Along with the parts for the new hip, I’ve also asked that Jack include the following in his big bag of goodies:

Dr Santa

  1. When I roll out of bed in the morning, I’d like it to be effortless.
  2. When my feet hit the floor I’d like to begin walking right away instead of thinking OUCH how am I going to make this next step?
  3. I’d like to descend and ascend our stairs like a normal person instead of taking a step and then putting my second foot on same step. This method, while less painful, is tedious and I’ve got places to go.
  4. When lying down I’d like to be able to find multiple comfortable positions in which to lay and sprawl
  5. When getting in and out of a car I’d like it to be a smooth transition that doesn’t include me holding on tightly to anything in the near vicinity for fear of falling down.
  6. When walking down the halls in the office I’d like to walk in such a way that people won’t ask, “Oh, what happened?!”

Oh the joy of opening up presents that come early!

And our house promises to have no orthopedic issues this coming year. Our Isabella, Jack Russell + Chihuahua rescue came to us with two broken legs on the mend. Charles broke his collar bone in the fall. This is it. For sure!

Author: kimhollenshead

Recruiter for The Talent Sleuth

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