Bionic Part Countdown

As I lay in bed wrapping up Dec. 1, 2013 I begin the 10-day countdown to my left hip replacement. It’s not really bionic though, so I have no grandiose dreams of being able to leap across cars or into second story windows. But I am excited. Seems like the sharp pains of daily movements are becoming more frequent and perhaps my body simply encouraging me that this surgery is the right call.

I posted these X-rays of both my hips on Facebook and made mention of the procedure for the first time last week. I received a lot of encouraging comments and a number of them mentioning I seem too young for such a thing. I agree – I’m only a ripe 46 years old.


The X-Ray was taken in Feb. 2013. Pretty sure a more current view isn’t prettier.

Around late Nov. 2012, I started noticing sharp, inconsistent, hard-to explain pains and all I could describe was it was coming from where my leg connected to my torso. I’d also have weird sensations when walking and most often when coming down a flight of stairs as if my leg was just going to come out from under me. It was so frustrating.

In February of this year, my chiropractor, Dr Mark Shannan, suggested that I go see a spine specialist. That specialist took these X-rays and immediately said, “Yep, that’s a hip replacement and when you can’t stand it any longer you’ll have it replaced.”

So next week it is. I have had my pre-op visits with my physician Dr Jack Seaquist and his staff, I’ve met with the anesthesia team as well as the physical and occupational therapists and I’m doing daily exercises they’ve recommended.

And after 10 more sleeps I’ll wake up and check into a hospital for the first time in my life and emerge three days later with my hip version 2.0.

Oh I can’t wait to walk without pain!

Author: kimhollenshead

Recruiter for The Talent Sleuth

3 thoughts on “Bionic Part Countdown”

  1. Will hold you in the light for healing, peace, new energy (however not until you have rested well for awhile as you are normally SO energetic and inspiring it will take a miracle to slow you down) and being without pain. You have a very long life ahead of you and makes sense to do whatever works to live the best possible life. Thanks for sharing this journey. You are a gem!

  2. Oh my… this sounds awful.

    If you ever need any California advice, my sister is a physical therapist and my mom is a former occupational therapist. Would gladly refer you to them!

    Will be praying for those Texan surgeons and you, Kim – this doesn’t sound like an easy operation but I know you’re a tough cookie.

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