How Far We’ve Come


Timehop is definitely one of my favorite apps – especially on days like this. Today it reminded me how far we’ve come since Charles’ prostrate cancer diagnosis and ultimate radical prostatectomy.

Little did we know that when we married in May of 2009 that in four months we’d be faced with major life altering decisions. I think we, like many others who marry, had more grandeur and happy thoughts of a lifetime together.

Four years later we’ve experienced ups and downs, traveled to foreign countries and continents, watched our son marry, watched our grandson’s birth and first birthday, changed jobs, made new friends and countless other events. And yet Timehop quiets me today and reminds me that four years ago we were being introduced to a frightening and unknown cancer world – like so many others sadly experience.

I think I can honestly say that there is a part of me that is glad this happened when it did. Charles at the time was 40 and I was 41.

I now know that the truly little things in life are just that – so many unimportant situations, comments, interactions that don’t deserve the time or energy. Rather there’s life to be lived, places left to see, people’s lives where I might make a difference and there’s time left for all of it.

Always Something

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It’s such a true phrase.

And the always something can be good, bad, unexpected, planned . . . doesn’t matter . . . life is always going to throw something our way – like it or not and it’s up to us in how we respond.

I like to think of myself as a pretty patient, most times understanding and logical person. Today tried every bit of my character. Went to the office much earlier than normal. Drove in back-to-school, day after a holiday traffic that I’m not accustomed to joining which made my 23 mile commute last over an hour. Sat in a few hours of meetings only to find that my car had developed a flat tire. Called roadside assistance to help change the tire – in the midday Texas sun. And my computer, well it didn’t really act like its normal let’s get things done self.

And I could have totally had a melt down.

I think today warranted a melt down.

But I chose not to melt down. I breathed a little deeper. I focused on things that mattered more than my circumstances. And I’m determined that tomorrow will go better than today and that the things that didn’t get accomplished today will be fine getting completed tomorrow.

And . . . I had a super yummy lasagna and garlic bread for dinner. Comfort food always makes a difference, right?